The Importance of Mentorship in training: An I/C coaching Promotion

Coaching isnt simply a hobby when it comes to our Program. Coach, is a title we put a lot of weight in and something that must be earned. The road for those that undertake the journey to become a I/C Coach is long and time consuming. It comes with expectations and goals to be met. Many have failed and washed out of our program or found a job before their time to reach the position of I/C Head Coach is met.

It takes about one year before a Interning coach finds their voice. Thats right a year to identify your own coaching identity. A year of learning how to orchestrate classes. A year on how to maintain control of a group while properly instructing them and keeping them safe. A year learning how to deal with injured athletes in a class setting and how to best apply their training to not just increasing fitness but rehabbing them as well. It takes One full year to get that grasp on those things AND THEN you go to work really becoming a coach.

A weekend course is not gonna prepare someone for what should be truly expected of a coach. I wouldnt let someone work on my car that simply attended a weekend course. No, I want the person that knows exactly whats wrong and how to fix it through years of experience. And those years of experience are built off that first year in your journey to mastering whatever your minds set too.

1374742_10101720732744729_300080106_nAdrian Strain is unique in our Coaches OnRamp program in the fact that he is one of the few individuals in the program that IS NOT a Professional Coach. He doesnt own a gym or have aspirations to own one. He doesn’t run a fitness facility for someone or even work in one. He was a athlete with our program for years who showed a natural aptitude to understanding flows in training design and was always quick to assist those around him who needed help with something. It has been 8 months since Adrian joined our Intern program. And while AD is still in his first year of learning and finding his coaches identity, through his years of experience with the program he was given an special opportunity.

Along with the maturity and presence of a Head Coach there are criteria that must be met along the way. With the I/C one must achieve the position of both a I/C Movement AND Program Design Specialists to be eligible to become a Head Coach. These two ranks are a challenge onto themselves. And while Movement Specialist is a constant critique and assessment of your coaching on what we consider the I/C Fundamental Athletic Movements the Program Design title comes through a structured test.

A Coach is given a athlete. The athlete usually comes with some kind of injury they are coming back from. The test subject further complicate the test by adding their goals outside simple rehab. The Coach then must design a three week program for their test subject. Myself and Roo asses the program being performed weekly. We look for correct application of movements, COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING of the I/C Depth Programing Model and of course unique Swagger. Now there are quite a few other thing that we look for in the Test but I’m not showing our hand on those expectations.

I wont make those public because the task is not to be easy. Simply hitting marks on a expectation list is easy. Our Coaching Expectations on the other hand are not easy. We ask a lot, and for a Rookie Intern coach who hasnt been involved in this business as long as many of the those he holds council with Adrian fuckin nailed his test.

Adrian’s three week assessment came to a end this past Saturday. But honestly baring just not showing up for the game (much like the Broncos this year) Adrian had this thing wrapped up at the end of week two.

I’m very proud to announce that the second official I/C Program Design Specialist is Intern Coach Adrian Strain. Congrats boss, that was well done three week piece and you earned this.

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  1. Leigh Mendenhall Reply

    Nice work Adrian! Love having you in the program – congrats!

  2. Lincoln J Smith Reply

    Congrats Red Tiger, very well deserved.

  3. Carrie Winecoff Shevelson Reply

    Right on Adrian!!!

  4. Eddie Ramirez Reply

    Congrats!!! Setting the bar high!

  5. Derrek Pratt Reply

    Well done!

  6. Tim Mahoney Reply

    Congrats Adrian!

  7. MamaF Reply

    I am very proud of you, Adrian!

  8. Becky Davis Reply

    This is so awesome AD! I’m so happy for you! :)

  9. Proud Iowa Brother Reply

    You make Iowa proud. I’m sure “The New Work Out Plan” had something to do with this!

  10. Cassel Athlet Reply

    Congrats AD:

  11. Roo Reply

    Congrats AD!!! I obviously knew this was coming but still so awesome to see! Your programming was solid and completely nailed it!!! Well deserved!!!!

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  13. cyrene Reply

    So not surprised to hear this. Congratulations AD!

  14. toad6400 Reply

    You earned it, best of luck

  15. Lcrumly Reply

    Congratulations! Glad to be at a gym where you’re coaching

  16. Zachary Garcia Reply

    Congratulations man!

  17. TheSkylarPond Reply

    Yeah Boss! I remember your first week in the gym. It was a nasty one with both KALSU and backward weighted dumbell runs up Ferry Hill in the dark. Only one of two things can happen when you get punched in the mouth like that:
    1) run like Hell and never come back
    2) train your body to endure and your mind to understand. We’re glad you chose #2 Brogan!

  18. sarah Reply

    Great job!

  19. NicoleD Reply

    Congratulations Adrian! I am always so appreciative of your advice and tips! HOORAY for more!

  20. Becca Reply

    Nice job Adrian! Yeah Fitness! :-)

  21. Brando Reply

    Super awesome! Congrats!

  22. robcrossfitter Reply

    Congratulations Adrian! Keep that motivated in all you do!

  23. Rudy Mendoza Reply

    Congrats Sir!

    Go Hawks!!!

  24. Jamie Reply

    Congrats AD!!!

  25. drjperu Reply

    Nice job Adrian!

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